djt-vegas-2016Whew!  These last two months have flown by.  Much in my life has changed.  I’m recently divorced after being with the same girl for 28 years.  I have moved to another city in Texas and have sold off many things that I really didn’t need.  Don’t feel sorry for either of us.  It was time and luckily for us it was amicable. I wish my ex the best in life and have nothing bad to say about her.

My work schedule has been hectic too.  I’ve been driving across the state of Texas for gigs and flying to and fro other states as well.  At the recommendation of my doctor I saw a cardiologist and after a few tests learned that I have an arrhythmia. Apparently, most people do and the doc says I will be fine without treatment or pills.

smithsMy friends the Smiths from Derby, England came to see me in Texas.  I’ve had the pleasure of staying in their home during a couple of my UK visits. I showed them some of Dallas and much of Fort Worth.  I made sure they had some authentic TexMex and barbeque.  The also tried other things like fried jalepeno poppers and funnel cakes.  One day we all went to the Wild West Show in Fort Worth and they really enjoyed it.  They were impressed with the size of our food portions, trucks, TVs and things like OnStar.  They loved shopping in our supermarkets to find treats that they can’t get back at home. I had a blast with them and can’t wait to see them all again.  See them above.

IMG_3670Beyond gigs my social calendar has been full up with dinners with friends and family.  One night my buddy Jared picked me up in a Lamborghini to attend a car meet.  From time to time I’ll get a sample from China for my upcoming Ominous Deck to approve and I think we’ve finally worked out the kinks.  It should be out soon.  The big happening in August was attending Magic Live in Vegas!

DJT-Copperfield-2016This was my third Magic Live to attend and it was phenomenal.  It was great to see so many friends, make new ones, buy new toys and routines.  This was their 25th anniversary and almost every magician who was ever on the cover was there plus 1400 more of us.  The talks and performances were top notch.  Just walking around the convention made me money by IMG_3668booking more dates and selling more of my products. Getting an invite to Chris Kenner’s party and hanging out with several AGT contestants and David Copperfield was an unexpected surprise!

I used Uber for the first time while there and each of the three times was fast, reliable and affordable.  I gave Lost Wages a little money in the slot machines and at the blackjack tables but ultimately I came out way ahead with knowledge, experiences, new friends and wisdom.  Plus I can’t wait to try the new routines I learned there.  Currently I’m gearing up for a Canadian tour.

See one of my latest episodes of Scam School below.  Life is short.  Make it fun!!