berkman-djThis has been a hectic couple of months, but in a good way.  I counted 41 gigs for these two months.  I did more graduation parties than ever before.  I really enjoy entertaining these young adults.

Another gig took me to the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington where Lance Berkman hired me to entertain his family in a private suite.  That was a nice way to see the game while he played.  Afterwards I hung out with he and his family on the field to watch the fireworks show.  That was only my second time visiting the ballpark.

I also returned to Austin to shoot more episodes of Scam School with my pal Brian Brushwood.  Look for about 2 or 3 episodes including yours truly over the next couple of months.  Here’s one of them:

A few parties I did recently were for close friends (Joe & Mendy Hargrave, Brian & Casey Keller, Tony & Amanda Trippi) which made them extra special to me.  Plus my wife and I celebrated 21 years married and 25 together this May.  We had a nice dinner out and I surprised her with a trip to England.

One gig took me to client’s home to entertain her father who is newly deaf.  He was a great guy and very appreciative. He was a tough spectator to fool because he never took his eyes off of my hands.  Words were useless to misdirect him.

I attended the 40th anniversary of the movie Blazing Saddles and watched it on the big screen for the first time.  My friend Burton Gilliam, who stars in the show, spoke afterwards and told some great stories. 


My friends the Fleischers, from California, stayed with us one night.  I’ll see them next month when I play the Magic Castle for the sixth time. 

I’ve also taken on a couple of new students.  It’s a privilege to pass on my knowledge to those who appreciate the art of magic.

Currently I have a guy helping me to redesign my website.  My site needs a make-over bad. 

My Bamboozlers column is running in the magic magazine titled VANISH.  Bamboozlers Three has just been released.  MAGIC magazine published a few teasers from volume three in their JULY issue that’s just out now.

I also re-released my effect titled SentiMental Postcards.  See the demo video below.