Things are always busy, in a good way, around here.  Beyond working lots of gigs we’ve had time to hook up with many friends.  The month started off with an overnight visit from our friends The Fleischers out of California.  The next day I drove to Austin to film more episodes of Scam School. See the trick I call Post-it Note Puzzle in Bamboozlers 3, from the recent Scam School shoot above.  The shoot went well and I had dinner with a long-time friend Justin.  The next day I had a fun gig at a golf competition at a country club in Fort Worth. The next night was a private party for a fun family who has used my services in the past.


The next day I attended my nephew Lane’s graduation party where I did a little magic for he and his friends.  Everyone is proud of Lane as he will be attending A&M. The following day I flew to LA with my old chum Ward and we attended The Magic Castle in Hollywood and had a nice dinner.  The next night I worked a private gig at The Magic Castle for a couple of hours.  It was nice to be flown out and treated like a rock star and to hang out at one of my favorite places on Earth. I’ve done over one hundred shows at the Castle and it never gets old.  In fact, I can’t wait to go back. It’s even more gratifying to know that they sell all three of my Bamboozlers books in their gift shop.

Once home I did my Boston’s gig in McKinney that Friday the 13th and the next day I had off, which is rare, so I visited with my good friends Jesse Woodall and Craig Raley.  The next day was Father’s Day and I was happy to spend it with my grandfather Bill and my step-father C.E.  A couple of days later I had a fun night with the Dallas Magic Club.  The same week I had many shows and helped out the magic shop in McKinney for a day.

I ended the month by working a 35th birthday party for one of my biggest fans named Sally.  I recently helped Sally get engaged by producing a ring during one of my routines while at Boston’s one night.  It’s always fun when people get so excited just to be standing in the room with me.  I think I was more excited than she- just to be entertaining her friends and family.  I love my job!

See the most recent episode of Scam School below.  In it I teach a routine I call Nimble Corks from my book Close-Up Magic Secrets. I figured out recently that the Scam School episodes with myself and Brushwood currently have over three million hits!