dj-lanceburtonThese two months have kept me busy performing, traveling, writing, creating and teaching.  I’ve performed shows in Corsicana, Texarkana and all over the Dallas – Forth Worth metroplex.

I’ve just released a new tool for mentalists called the Z.A.P. Wallet.

A friend of mine in Bordeaux, France named Laurent has just informed me that the regional magic magazine there is running a special Diamond Jim Tyler issue about me and my magic.  


I can’t wait to see it.  My Bamboozlers column is also running in the Magic Menu magazine here in the states and in the Escomateur magic magazine in Belgium.

A while back the mentor to many a magic-star, named Johnny Thompson (aka The Great Tomsoni), who is a wonderful magician in his own right, offered to have me out to see Lance Burton’s show in Vegas for free.  Since Lance is retiring from the Monte Carlo in September I flew out with some friends to take advantage of this opportunity.  Lance’s show was great, and it was nice to hang out with him after the show.  It was very cool to be rubbing elbows with one my magic heroes.  One of the highlights of Lance’s dave-johnny-steve-andy-djshow is the middle act which features the hilarious and super-talented juggler Michael Goodeau.  It was nice to speak with Michael as well.  I’ve been a fan of his work for years.

Just when I thought the trip couldn’t get better, the next day we were treated to free seats to the Mac King show.  Mac is my favorite comedy magician performing today.  I spoke to Mac for a while after his show as well, and like Lance, he is very down to Earth and friendly.  If you find yourself in Vegas, then his is the show you must see.  He performs at 1 and 3pm at Harrahs casino. This was a Vegas trip that I will remember always;  partly because my three pals Dave, Andy and Steve kept me in stitches the whole time.

My calendar is now filling up with many fun and exciting adventures that I’ll report about in the future.  And I’ve got some really cool projects that I am working on now.

One of the exciting things I have to report is the re-release of my book Pockets Full of Miracles in softback form.  I struck a deal with Dover books, where I’ve leased them the rights for a limited time, to reprint my book.  Dover may give the book another title, but the great thing is that it will be available in every major book store.  My books have always been available from magic shops or online sites like mine or  This will be my first book to hit the mainstream.  Since I don’t have children, I can only guess that this is like seeing one of your kids graduate from college.  I’m proud to see that my book has taken on a life of its own.

Also, I’ll be lecturing at the Magic Apple on August 5th in Studio City so if you are a fan or friend in California, then I hope you’ll come and see me.

So life is grand and I am constantly busy.  The way I see it is that God put me here on Earth to get some things done.  I’m so far behind I don’t think I’ll ever die!