It is hot in Texas!  Lately it has been around 100 degrees or more every day.  The past two months have been slower with shows which has allowed me to visit with many of my friends and family.  Recently, I had a fun gig for my friend and neighbor Rev. James Hutchins where I performed for his 50th surprise birthday party. His friends and family were a hoot to perform for. 

Another fun gig took me to Houston to see my good friend Natalie Ingram and entertain her friend Connie for her birthday.  Natalie, Connie, the whole group were fun to perform for.  I made a wine bottle appear, someone’s $20 bill re-appeared in a chocolate covered fortune cookie, and I did a mind-reading trick on someone that left them beet red in the face.  Let’s just say it was complicated!

I’ve hung out with my sister Chelsye, had lunch and dinner with neighbors, got together with clients, and spent one weekend with my cousins Rodger & Alex who are amazing athletes. I’ve been playing lots of Texas Hold’em which I’m quite decent at.  I try not to tell strangers that I am a magician when playing cards with them;  because if I win they think I’m cheating and if I lose they think I’m a bad magician.

One Saturday was spent performing various effects from my books and DVDs at Main Street Magic in McKinney.  There was a good turn-out and I received lots of compliments throughout the day.  I introduced the owners of Main St. Magic to the world of magic when I had my shop in Frisco from 2003-2006.  I’m happy to see that they are carrying that torch and keeping it burning brighter than what I had done. Their place is truly unique and I recommend it highly to anyone with an interest in magic.


Although it’s slower than I would like, I have stayed plenty busy with work and begun many projects.  I still average at least a few shows each week in the summer.  Plus, I’ve found myself doing a lot more stand-up comedy magic than I have in the past.  I really enjoy it.  I have also been diligent about working on Bamboozlers Three.  My friend and artist, Ben Vincent, is in the beginning stages of illustrating the book now.

My wife and I celebrated 20 years married in May so to celebrate I planned a week long stay in Washington, D.C..  We have always wanted to see our nation’s capitol.  It was amazing!  Every American should see it at least once in their lifetime.  Plus, all of the attractions are free!


We saw the White House, the U.S. Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson MemorialArlington Cemetery, the National Mall, the Zoo, the Kennedy Center, many or the various nation’s embassies, GeorgetownWashington National Cathedral, the Supreme Court (where we sat in the court to hear a lecture), the Library of Congress (where 3 of my books reside), the National Archives (which houses the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence), and many of the various Smithsonian museums which were awe inspiring.  Two days were spent hopping on and off a tour bus to see the sites.  One day we took a cruise to see the sites by water.  Other days we winged it.  To top it off we sat near the Washington Monument and watched the fireworks show on the 4th of July.  It was a vacation I’m sure we’ll always remember.


We also stayed in a very nice hotel called the Donovan House.  It was chic and modern.  Many attractions were walking distance, but since it was hotter there than it was in Texas we took a cab most of the time.  Luckily since DC is only a 4 mile radius it’s only $10 in a cab to go anywhere in town.  We also enjoyed the happy hour for hotel guests from 5-6pm each day where we were treated to free sushi and wine or sangria.  Check me out the tiger-striped robe that was furnished in our closet in the pic to the left.

Magic-wise, I have been writing instructions and commissioning pieces and parts made for a new trick I’d like to market.  I reprinted my second book Bamboozlers: Volume One. Both batches of my black and white Doomsday decks have sold out! My new Blood Red Doomsday Decks are due in soon.  I sat on a panel of four magicians for the Dallas Magic Club where we were asked about our restaurant magic experiences.  I am preparing for a small tour that I’ll do in August.  My friend Paul Romhany from New Zealand has just published a book full of magician’s experiences, tips and stories called The Real Deal and mine is the last story in the book.  Finally, my friends Dal & Cinde Sanders are having their summer magic splash at their home on Sunday where I’ll see many of my entertainer friends.  I look forward to seeing everyone and congratulating my friend Dal for becoming the new president of the Society of American Magicians.