If you are looking for an accomplished magic lecturer, then look no further.

DJT is a worker!  He has practiced magic since 1976

and performed it professionally since 1986.

DJT has opened for Jay Leno, performed for a-list celebrities like Katy PerryJohn Legend

Scarlett Johansson, performed for dignitaries, millionaires and billionaires.

Since 2001 DJT has lectured or performed in all 50 of the United States,

plus 31 other countries (listed below).

DJT is based in Dallas, TX but obviously no event is too far away.

Penguin Magic has a short list of products that only have 5-star ratings.  DJT’s lecture is at the top of that list.

DJT was voted in 2014 by the readership of MAGIC magazine as one of the best lectures to see.

DJT has performed hundreds of shows and lectured three times at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

DJT has lectured twice at the Magic Circle in London.

DJT’s magic has been awarded by the Texas Association of Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

DJT’s been featured in over a dozen magazines like Genii, Magic, Linking Ring, GamesMUM, Abra, Arcane, The Magic Menu, Vanish, etc.

DJT has headlined conventions like BlackpoolIBMPCAMTAOMMidwest Magic JubileeUnconventional ConventionMagic in the Rockies, etc.


DJT has authored books like Bamboozlers and Close-Up Magic Secrets.

DJT has created DVDs like Pockets Full of MiraclesCollateral, Sweet, DiaMonte, Mirrors , Quadrare Caan Opus, The Squeezer & Diamond Jack, Telekinetic, Penguin Lecture.

DJT has created effects like the Diamond Deck, SentiMental Postcards, Ten Grand Prix, Hydro, 7 Lucky Dice, Magic Math Sticks, Winning Spinning Nickels, Ominous Deck, etc.

DJT is a regular guest star on the popular online show SCAM NATION that has almost 2 million followers on YouTube. (Seen below)

To see all of DJT’s videos click here!


Here is a review from my Australian Lecture Tour:

Diamond Jim Tyler lectured in Sydney on Thursday to a full house at Taylor’s Magic Shop and I just wanted to take a moment to encourage my friends across the Tasman to attend his lectures in Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch this coming week.

This is the first time I have met Diamond Jim Tyler but he truly is a really nice guy with a genuine passion for people and for magic. Rarely have I seen so much useable and commercial material in one evening. Jim had us laughing and amazed from the very first effect.


Some twenty or so effects were shown and it was obvious throughout that Jim is a ‘worker’ and thinks deeply about how to make his magic straightforward, entertaining and easy to follow. His tips and bits with the ring and string were clearly the result of thousands of performances. He has a pleasing and engaging style and is not ‘in your face’ like some of today’s hyped up, over enthusiastic close-up workers.

A sure sign of a good evening is an empty dealer table and Jim’s very reasonably priced books, DVDs and tricks were all gone by the end of the night. Diamonds shine and are rare and valuable. An evening with this much shine and this much value is a rare thing too. Get along – you won’t regret it.

Sean Taylor
Taylor’s Magic Shop



Here is a review of my instructional DVD titled COLLATERAL:


Above is a trailer for the movie MIRRORS starring myself, the director and Kiefer Sutherland.

Diamond Jim,

You will be happy to know that the “Mythology of Mirrors” video featurette that you helped out with (for the MIRRORS motion picture) couldn’t have gone better.  Not only is it one of my personal favorites (and believe me, I’ve produced many specials over the years), but the Fox studios went crazy over it!

Travis Graalman
Vice President
Jamestown Productions


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