Black Diamond Puzzle Box with New Marked Cards

Not only does the limited-edition Black Diamond Puzzle Box look amazing, but it also feels incredible from the moment you pick it up.

At over two pounds of solid stunning black lacquered maple, this is Scam Nation’s most robust puzzle box yet, and it’s laser etched with symbols, an ambigram, and a cipher that serves as a hint—because there’s no visible way to get the box open.

And it gets better.

Inside the box, you’ll find Diamond Jim Tyler’s brand new premium Diamond Playing Cards. Each deck comes in a solid black tuck case with embossed lettering and geometric foil stamping . . . and the cards are some of the best we’ve ever seen (because they’ve got a secret).

The first thing you notice is that the design is top-notch, blending art-deco with Celtic geometry. But the twist lies in what you **don’t** notice at first glance:

These cards have all been devilishly marked. “This is the best marking system I’ve ever seen,” is the most common response from people who’ve seen and handled these. The markings are practically invisible when you don’t know the secret, and once you do, they are so incredibly easy to read.

If you opt for DJT to sign the box, then he will do so under the lid of the box.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Once you see the marks, you can’t unsee them! Try it for yourself:


That’s the Nine of Diamonds, King of Hearts, and Ace of Spades.

Did you work out the markings? Pretty freaking ingenious, right? And once you see them, they’re HUGE! (If you need a hint, just watch the video below.)

After you use your skills as a Modern Rogue to crack the cipher, open the box, and discover the standard Diamond Playing Cards, you’ll discover a world exclusive ultra-premium Diamond Deck with silver gilded edges.

It’s everything there is to love about the standard Diamond Deck, but presented with precision gilded edges on the edge of each card that give that extra special touch of elegance.

Oh, and there’s even a special challenge coin inside from Diamond Jim. Flash it to Diamond Jim whenever you see him in the wild and I’m sure he’ll make it worth your while.

The Black Diamond is the heaviest, most durable, and certainly the most striking puzzle box Scam Nation has ever made yet, and it’s got goodies inside that you can’t find anywhere else.