Close-Up Magic Secrets

In 2000 Diamond Jim released his first book titled Pockets Full of Miracles. The book quickly became a best-seller and was out of print one year later. That book literally took him around the world. The hardback book still fetches exorbitant prices when you can find it online.

The good news is that the book is now back in print. It features 29 routines, over 300 photos and 176 pages. Dover Publications released a revised and unabridged soft-cover version of the book in June of 2011 with a new cover and title. The material that originally retailed for $40 can now be purchased for a fraction of that price.

Buy the DVD Pockets Full of Miracles to learn 23 of the 29 effects from the book Close-Up Magic Secrets.




Pg 4        Dedication to Lew Zafran

Pg 6        Intro by Jeff Davis

Pg 9        Foreword by Jon Racherbaumer

Pg 11       A Night in the Life of Diamond Jim

Pg 13      The Gunslinger

Pg 18      New Age Spellbound

Pg 23     One-Armed Aces

Pg 27     The Hitchhiker

Pg 29     Baseball Diamond

Pg 32     The FBI Trick

Pg 39     Paperweight

Pg 43     Finger Ring & String

Pg 53     Soaring Straw

Pg 59     Comedy Shuffling Routine

Pg 63     Invisible Thumbscrews

Pg 65     Cat and Mouse

Pg 68     Fireball

Pg 72     Mathemagic

Pg 76     The Animated Cardbox

Pg 81     Three Burnt Matches

Pg 84     Burning Impression

Pg 87     Trapdoor Coins

Pg 91     Diamond Back

Pg 97     Reel Fun

Pg 101   Frog Hair

Pg 104  Sacring of Wicca

Pg 109  The Smoking Spoon

Pg 113   Diamond’s Dazzler

Pg 116   Nimble Corks

Pg 119  Wise Guy’s Can’t Count

Pg 121  Whatever It Takes

Pg 127  Pieces of Eight

Pg 138  The Birthday Bill


Pg 175  About The Author

For a more detailed explanation of each the effects above see the DVD page.