Diamond Dice

The magician hands a spectator a normal die numbered one through six.  The magician takes the die and throws it into an opaque cup.  The spectator is asked to cover the mouth of the cup and shake or rattle the die inside.  They are then asked to call aloud whatever number comes up.  Diamond Dice allow the number chosen to be predetermined so they make forcing a number easy.

The die is not loaded or weighted.  Diamond Dice are a set of 6 specially numbered dice and one normal die for switching out.  If you need a specific number chosen, then this is the way to go.  Never before has a full set of these dice been on the market. 

See Bill Abbott’s stand-up routine called Dicey that use my Diamond Dice and an ordinary Starbuck’s cup in his new Penguin Live lecture.

The 7 Lucky Dice and Forcing Die will roll all but whatever number you choose.  Whereas the Diamond Dice set and Diamond Die will only roll the number you choose.

Keep the dice conveniently sorted with my Dice Holders.