Magic Playing Cards

This is an awesome trick deck for beginners.

Imagine someone choosing a card and you instantly know what that card is!  Guess what?  You don’t have to be a Svengali to do it.

Here’s another possible effect: A spectator selects any card and its shuffled back into the deck. The card keeps jumping to the top of the deck in different crazy ways. It seems like you can find their card anywhere in the deck. It appears on the top then bottom. Then the magician finds the card by changing the whole deck into the selected card! As you flip the cards they can clearly see every face of the cards has morphed into the one selected random card.

HOWEVER, many effects are possible.  The deck includes written instructions that teach a few tricks.  I do offer a booklet for this deck that teach 101 effects with it.

There is no sleight of hand required.  You just need basic card handling skills.  This version is made with Bicycle Playing Cards brand, which is a great quality, and probably the most familiar brand in the US.

For $3.00 more you can buy a Clear Deck Protector to keep the box from getting dinged up or wet.