This has been a very productive month.  Three of the Scam School episodes that I filmed in California last month are airing this month.  See one of them below.  According to the host Brian Brushwood they have been receiving rave reviews.  Muggles beware; I do teach how some tricks are done!

I can now proudly say that I have performed in 38 of the 50 states. See the map on the left.  I made a jaunt over to New England and performed in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Jersey, Vermont and Massachusetts.  I flew in and out of Hartford, CT and drove my rental car over 2000 miles.  I had a blast and made many new friends.


While in MA I took some time to see Salem.  It’s still hard to believe the witch trials happened there.  I toured the Witch Museum and learned a lot about the hysteria back then.  However horrible they were, the Salem witch trials here are dwarfed by the thousands that were killed in Europe.  I was hesitant to perform any magic in Salem seeing how people have a history of over-reacting there. 🙂

I’ve kept busy with shows, shipping products, creating new products, bookings, etc.  My Doomsday decks are doing great.  The deluxe version with a silver gilt edge sold out in two weeks.  The regular version is practically sold out.  Since the demand is high, I have more on the way with a “red seal” and a new finish.

Paul Romhany has just released his new e-magazine for magicians called VANISH.  Paul is a very clever entertainer, creator and cruise ship magician that performs as Charlie Chaplin.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Paul a couple times in places like New Zealand and British Columbia.  I was flattered when he asked me to be a regular contributor to his new magazine that he says will eventually rival all the others.  Readers can look forward to my Bamboozlers column that will feature simple tricks, bar bets, jokes and puzzles that can be done impromptu.

Plus, I’m happy to announce that my instructional magic DVD Collateral is still getting great reviews.  The two English reviewers seen below, Craig Petty and David Penn, have many good things to say about me and my ring and string routine.