This month I was supposed to be in Manila, in The Philippines, doing several stand-up shows for Resorts World.  I was very much looking forward to this opportunity but it had to be postponed once the Covid-19 virus began spreading fast across Asia.  For now it has been postponed until 2021.  I look forward to seeing my friends and fans there as soon as I can make it over.

Now all of my shows until July have been cancelled.  I’m hoping that the virus has stop spreading by then and that all returns back to normal for the world’s sake.  Once it hit in America hoarders began hitting the markets and essential items became scarce.  Luckily I live alone and don’t need much so it’s easy for me to survive.  However, it is lonely not being able to interact with people.  I didn’t realize what a social butterfly I was until I was forced to stay inside.  Honestly though it has been good for me.  I’m making the most of my time by working on office projects.  I typically have 20 things listed on my project board.  I’m starting to knock some of those things out.  Times like this make us resourceful and we are reminded to appreciate the little things in life.

On a brighter note my new book Bar Bets To Win Big Bucks comes out next month.  This is something I’ve kept secret until now.  This is my second title with Dover Publications.  I’m working on a third title for them now.  Learn more about the new bar bets book here.

90% of my income derives from my shows.  People have said that I should do online shows.  The problem for me is that I believe magic is best experienced live.  Most of what I do is interactive.  In the meantime I am slowly converting my instructional DVDs to become downloads.  This is something I should have done a long time ago.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  I’m hoping this confinement sparks some creativity within me.  I’ve always been a hard worker, innovator and a survivor (of many things).  I will get through this and come out a better version of me when it’s all over.