MetroLife is great and busy! Plus I just celebrated another birthday. Tomorrow night I look forward to taking my mother and step-father out to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.  The day those two met was a huge blessing for all of my family.

Bamboozlers Three is off to the printer and will release in June.  To read the foreword written by Mac King or to pre-order the book click here.

games-magI’ve had lots of fun gigs over the last couple of months.  One was at the home of my dentist, one was at the new Perot Museum of Nature & Science, one was for the grand opening of a new terminal at Dallas’ Lovefield, one was a fundraiser at the Dallas Karting Complex, and one was for the birthday of Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers baseball team where I entertained half the team.  Plus there were many other fun soirees.  I love my job and the interesting places it takes me to. Not to mention all of the interesting people I get to meet.

I have a column running in a couple of European magic magazines and I still have a regular column in VANISH magazine.  One of my routines called 4.5 Cents was just printed in the latest GAMES magazine that can be found in most good bookstores like Barnes & Noble.  Plus GAMES will be running more of my routines in future editions.

I have been busy of late planning and organizing trips.  I have another UK tour this coming September.  I’ll lecture and perform in 17 cities.  I’ll be driving across most of the UK which I enjoy because people don’t scream at me for driving on the wrong side of the road like they do here.  I’ll be as far south as Bournemouth, England and as far north as Aberdeen, Scotland.  It should be fun.  Planning out all of the days to stop and see sites, family, friends, etc is very time consuming.  However, it doesn’t stress me out as much as it used to.  I’ll drive about 5000 miles and hang my hat in about 20 different places in a month’s time.

I just booked the Magic Castle in Hollywood again for the week of July 8-14th.  I’ll do three shows a night in the Parlour of Prestidigitation that week.  After that I’ll drive onto Vegas and then onto Phoenix, AZ where I’ll perform and lecture at the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention.

My buddy Brian Brushwood had me come out to Austin recently to shoot more episodes for Scam School.  The first episode starring Brian and I came out this past Wednesday; see it below. Future episodes will air over the next month or two.  Brian is a ball of energy and fun to hang with.