djt-floatingcardThese past two months have been cray cray.  I’ve stayed busy with shows and projects. On March 1st I worked a fun Mardi Gras party for a regular client.  A few days later I worked a fun gig at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas with the funny and talented Todd Lamanske.  Todd is like my brother from another mother.  I’ve done birthday parties, school functions, neighborhood block parties, company meetings, and one that was very rewarding for a retirement home.  I hope to do many more of the latter.

I also had the privilege of speaking to many wealthy retired men for their breakfast club at the Dallas Country Club in Highland Park.  I’m not normally asked to simply speak about my life and my career.  I found it challenging preparing for it, but once I was there it became very natural.   After my speech several members bought my Bamboozlers books and gave me lots of positive feedback.  The gentleman who asked me to speak said it was one of their best events in thirty years of meeting!

burtreynolds-brushwood-willman-diamondjimtyler-jackdanielsI’ve added a wonderful wooden puzzle, inspired by Martin Gardner, to my magic shop.  It’s called the Consecutive Conundrum.  I made a trip to Austin to meet up with my friend Brian Brushwood to film more episodes for Scam School.  Brian is like the Tasmanian Devil when it comes to work.  He never stops moving and is always thinking.  Recently the National Geographic Channel aired a show starring Brian called Hacking the System.  While on the Scam School shoot the famous TV magician Justin Willman stopped by to shoot an episode with us.  Justin has been on Leno, Ellen, and various other shows, but is best known these days as the host of Cupcake Wars.  See the creepy photo of us together with Burt Reynolds in the background. 🙂

justin-amyWhile shooting the Scam School episodes I was pleased to see the support from family and friends who came out.  My step-siblings Mike & Melanie came out as well as my cousins Rodger & Alex.  A long-time friend from elementary school named Justin came out and his wife Amy joined us in one of the episodes.  Justin runs a successful tattoo shop in Austin and I was happy to join he and his wife at a tasty Korean food restaurant.  It was nice to reminisce.

Brushwood and I shot several episodes of Scam School and they will air sometime over the next few months.  My latest effect MAGIC MATH STICKS just released.  The effect allows you to look like a super-human calculator.  See the trick below:

I’ve had so much going on that sometimes I feel like I am spinning.  I’ve been booking lots of flights for upcoming work trips.  I rented a theater for the first time and did a couple of shows for fans and taped the footage for product-releases that I plan to release later this year.  I shot some of the explanation footage at my wife and I’s favorite restaurant Javier’s. I did a photo-shoot with the super creative Joel Chan.  I met up Tommy Thomas who is the son of the legendary Titanic Thompson. I helped a couple get engaged by producing the ring and creating a magic moment.  I found a machine shop locally who is working on creating my next project that should release in May.

theater-showI celebrated my 44th birthday recently.  I’ve had a few dinners and lunches with friends to help commemorate this epic event.  Tomorrow night my good friends Tony & Amanda are taking us out to our favorite sushi place called Kotta.  And my sweet wife Kathy bought me flying lessons!  Manning an aircraft is something that I will soon get to mark off of my bucket list.

The rest of the year is looking equally busy.  I’ve got lots of awesome things in the works that I can’t talk about just yet. One of my goals is to perform in all 50 states.  Thus far I have done 40 of them.   Over the next few months I will do a few more.  I’m loving life!!