IMG_3012These last two months have kept me busy performing and working on projects.  I’ve done lots of parties around the metroplex.  Some have been company events, birthday parties, and many graduation parties.  People young and old seem to appreciate my style of magic.  Over 30 years of performing professionally I’ve mastered what works well in different scenarios.

march2016gradAs far as projects go I’ve just re-released my 7 Lucky Dice and a spin-off product called Forcing Die.  These dice are for magicians and their mentalism routines.  The product has been well received globally and some of the biggest names in the business have ordered from me.

I’m also working on a secret project that hopefully will come out in May.  I think it will be big!  It’s my first time commissioning molds made and having something mass produced in China.  I have had dies made for certain products but this is on a bigger scale.  Wish me luck and look for it soon.

IMG_3009My friend Jared Guynes rented out Cowboy Stadium on March 12th and around 2300 people participated in the world’s largest Nerf gun battle.  I was one of them.  It’s official and I’m in the Guinness Book of World Records now.  It’s kind of a big deal; kind of like being a doctor.  Jared was also kind enough to hire me to work the pre-party where I saw my friends Pam and Miki the Monkey.  Life is never dull.

IMG_3010The following weekend I attended the Texas Pinball festival in Frisco, TX.  It was thrilling to play the several hundred games on free play that weekend.  Plus I got to see many friends and make some new ones.  My favorite arcade game Omega Race was there and I hogged the machine as much as possible.

In April I turned another year older and have been purging.  I’ve sold my Sherlock Holmes collection, my Egyptian art collection, my magic book collection, plus some other items.  They say what you own ends up owning you.  I’m trying to simplify some things and reboot. More soon.