paulineTo the left is a wonderful picture of my grandmother Pauline as a teenager.  She was always beautiful inside and out.  Recently she passed away and since then I’ve had the good fortune to go through all of thousands of pictures that she took.  She encouraged everything I’ve ever done and always acted like my biggest fan.  She will be missed dearly.

Currently, my business partner Ward Mathews (a high-school buddy) and I have been diligently working on our business plan and finances so that we can open our shop by Fall.  I imagine that we’ll be creating a whole new generation of magicians in the Dallas area.  I heard a saying that “Life begins when we start serving others.”  More than a profitable and fun business, I truly feel like we’ll be creating a magical haven for the young at heart with our new store.  Do you think I’m getting sentimental as I grow older?  🙂

This month marks eleven years that my wife and I have been married.  As the picture to the left shows.. life flashes by in an instant… so enjoy it.

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