This month I performed many shows for companies such as Baylor Health, Siemens, Westin Hotels, Gulfstream and many more.  My wife and I celebrated our 18 year wedding anniversary.  We met in college in late 1988 and married in May of 1992.  My how time flies!  My magic appeared for review in:

GENII May 2010 (p. 84) Review of DiaMonte
MUM June 2010 (p.70) Review of Bamboozlers 2
LINKING RING May 2010 (p.116) Review of DiaMonte
MAGIC June 2010 (p.82) Review of DiaMonte

The sad news I have to report this month is the passing of my friend Martin Gardner.  Martin lived to the ripe age of 95. He had written more than 70 books, and was working on several book projects.  Martin wrote my favorite magic book of all time entitled The Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic.  Anyone who has studied magic, science, mathematics, skepticism or religion has probably read one of his books.  To the left is a 45 minute program that reveals some of the impacts of his work.  Martin was the biggest skeptic out there but couldn’t help but believe in God.  I hope they have Internet in Heaven because I’d like him to know that I will miss him dearly.