DJcardsANIMThis month has been a creatively busy time for me.  First I’ve performed for many clients like Gulfstream, NextGen Healthcare, Ebby Halliday Realty, and many private parties. 

I worked with a super-talented graphic artist friend to create my own card back design with my own promo box (seen of the right).  I’m proud of the design I came up with that is based on the Mayan calendar, a compass rose, sugar skulls and other ancient imagery.  The cards are very high quality and showcase my name well.

I just finished shooting the performance and explanation footage for two new single trick DVDs that I plan to releaselater this year.

The same company that produced my last DVD DiaMonte will produce these as well so they promise to be first rate.  Right now I am working with another artist to create the covers for each of these DVDs.  The first DVD I hope to release in late July.  The second DVD should hit the market by Christmas season.  I’m keeping the contents of the DVDs secret for now.

My Bamboozlers iPhone-iPad-iPod app is doing well and we’ve just released another version for Mac Computers.


The big news is the release of my book Close-Up Magic Secrets.  This is a deal that I nurtured with Dover books for over two years.  It’s a relief to see the finished product that arrived today.  In 2000 I released my first book Pockets Full of Miracles.  One year later that hard back book was out of print.  Since then it has fetched exorbitant prices online.  Now Dover has released an edited soft-cover version with a new title that retails for $15.00.  The book reveals the same 29 effects that appeared in the first book.  This book will be available everywhere.  This is my first book to go mainstream.  So why am I giving up the goods?  I believe that it is important to pay it forward.  Plus I am moving on to other projects.

The other big news is that my wife and I just celebrated 19 years married and 23 together.  It’s hard to believe that we have been together more than half of our lives.  We went out to eat to celebrate and later this year we plan on visiting our favorite destination which is Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.