blueI have had many shows across the state and lectured outside of Texas in Albuquerque-New Mexico, Las Vegas-Nevada, and Denver-Colorado.  Each of the stops were worthwhile.  I’ve done lots of private parties and continue to work Boston’s in McKinney on Wednesday and Friday nights. I’ve had fun gigs at places like the Frontiers of Flight Museum, Jackson’s Pottery, the Hageman Reserve and for the Crow family.

spider2Outside of performing and lecturing I have also taken on a new student.  He is a lawyer and happy to learn and excited.  Admittedly I have just as much fun teaching him.  Also I am releasing a new effect called the Ominous Deck (seen above).  It’s a project that has been a year or more in the making.  I received 1000 of them in only to learn they had defects.  So the molds are being remade now and I’ll have the finished product in soon.  You can pre-order it now!

sspaolettiPlus I returned to Austin to film more episodes of Scam School.  We try to film 4-5 episodes, but due to bad weather, we had to call it an early night.  I got 3 in the can.  See the first of my 3 below.  I also took my buddy Alan Paoletti with me so he could experience the world of Scam School and witness the shoot; see a pic of all three of us above.  He will star in his own episode soon.  Look for it on the Scam School YouTube channel.