From the December 2015 issue of LINKING RING magazine:

Next time someone asks you how you do a magic trick, you can honestly say, “With mirrors,” and then show them any of the six routines from Diamond Jim Tyler’s Mirrors.

All the effects are based on mirror lore and the patter is as interesting as the effects. My favorite is Mythos, a beautiful Wild Card routine that Diamond Jim delivers with elegance. He elevates a classic of card magic into something that works in the Magic Castle’s Parlour room. Every card is turned into a mirror, and then the mirrors surprisingly shatter. This trick alone is worth the price of the DVD. Another effect, Superstitious, uses eight cards to determine if a person is lucky or unlucky. Mirraculous teaches you how to reveal any freely selected card. Of course, we all know a broken mirror means seven years of bad luck; Broken let you tell the spectator about that curse… if you dare.

The gimmicks can be used with any poker-sized deck of cards. Mirrors is well thought-out and well-choreographed magic that is visual and different.

Highly recommended.