bamboozlersADvol2This month has been a little more laid back which has allowed me focus on projects around the house and tinker with some new routines.  When not performing my time has been consumed with booking future tours all over the world.  It is amazing how much time it takes to line up these dates.  I am booked for the world’s largest magic convention in Blackpool, England this coming February which typically hosts 2000 to 3000 magicians.  Shortly after my return from the UK I’ll fly to Australia to tour there and in New Zealand as well.  I am working on some more touring dates here in the US.  And I’ll be touring Germany in October of 2010.

My new book Bamboozlers Two will be here soon.  See the ad to the left.  While it is a collection of impromptu magic, bar bets and gags, I am guessing that most magicians are not familiar with a third of the 75 bits.  Look for my new Bamboozlers column in Jim Sisti’s magazine The Magic Menu.

I have performed a stand-up version of the three card monte for over twenty years.  My version, which I call DiaMonte, has some neat twists and it packs a few punches.  The best part for the magician is that you end clean with all of the cards examinable.  I have just begun creating a DVD for this trick and hope to release it early next year.

This month I attended the lecture of Paul Gertner.  Mr. Gertner has always been one of my favorite magic thinkers.  I have performed one of his routines for about twenty years and I was glad to share some of the work I have on this effect with him.  If you ever have the chance to see him in action do not miss it.