I capped off the end of this year with a fun and busy season.  Many say that things are slow and business is down, but I think that I have merely chosen not to participate in any recession.  I performed about 30 shows over this 2 month period which is about one every other day.  Perhaps I am just lucky.  But I’ve always believed that we make our own luck.

One of the highlights this season was making my debut at the Addison IMPROV Comedy Club.  About 50 of my friends, family, clients and colleagues came out to see me that night.  It was nice to have many of them see me for the first time doing stand-up versus my strolling magic.  I received many compliments and I look forward to performing there again sometime. 


Another highlight was performing at the Meyerson Symphony Hall in Dallas for Daryl Flood Mobility’s Christmas function.  The company was very generous in giving me a ticket to attend the Stories of Christmas production that was held that night.  It was very moving and well produced.  And I don’t think that the angels in Heaven could have performed more sweetly.

My new book BAMBOOZLERS was advertised in the November issue of MAGIC magazine and the December issue of the LINKING RING.  The book received a wonderful review in the December issue of MUM.  My friend Brian Brushwood gave the book a shout out by performing one of the effects for his video series called Scam School; watch the trick below called Penny Prediction.

This season is definitely my favorite time of year.  I always notice that strangers seem more outgoing and nice and there seems to be an air of generosity.  I wish everyone could be in that spirit all year long!  It’s always so nice to visit with family and friends and to catch up with folks.  I think I had about 10 get-togethers with loved ones, which means lots of gift giving and over-eating.  I’m sure that one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to lose some weight.

I am busy now scheduling shows, creating new routines, planning lecture tours for the coming year and 2010, and writing the sequels to my first two books.  I wish all of my readers a prosperous year ahead.  Plan on making things divine in 2009!