xmas-treesTo say things have been busy is an understatement.  I did 17 shows in November and 26 in December.  I’ve gone from schools, to homes, to businesses, to hotels, to restaurants, to mansions, to museums, to country clubs and numerous other places to perform this holiday season.  This doesn’t include my time spent helping at Main St. Magic in McKinney on Thursdays, family functions, parties for friends, dinner with friends and all of my honey-do’s around the house.

In preparation for Blackpool, come February of 2015, I have repackaged all of my older DVD titles to make things smaller and look new.  I’ve transitioned them from the big bulky plastic cases to the smaller 5×5 cardboard sleeves.  Now they take up less space in my home, are cheaper to ship, feature new artwork on some of them, but contain the same great routines that have helped to make my career.  It’s cost several thousands of dollars to do all this but I look at it as an investment in my future.

mom-nonnieSadly I lost my grandmother Lou Ramsey in November.  I called her Nonnie.  She was a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan, always spoke her mind, and had the best laugh.  She struggled with dementia the last few years of her life.  Watching that process take over her mind was hard on all of the family.  However, between those moments of confusion were wonderful bursts of clarity.  She will be missed by many.  I’m glad I saw her near the end and I know that she was proud of the man I have become.  I was lucky to have her as part of my family.  Attached is a picture of my mother, with her mother, my Nonnie.

DiamondJackOn a positive note it was a nice funeral and well attended.  It was nice to see family during the holidays and get-together with those that I love and wish I saw more often.  We all overate and opened too many presents. As is tradition my immediate family met at my mom’s place and attended a nice service on Christmas Eve.

The most exciting news for me this December is the release of my 8th instructional DVD on magic called Diamond Jack.  It’s a whimsical story that uses every card in the deck to tell it.  I’ve put my own spin on this classic tale and come up with a way to actually let a spectator truly shuffle the deck before beginning the story.  It’s been a closer and reputation maker for me for over 25 years now.  Click the DVD cover pic shown here to learn more about the routine or even buy it. I’m very proud of the production quality and the finished product.  See the trailer for it below.