dj-n-ctI kicked off this month by working for the professional golfer J.J. Henry and his wife Lee’s foundation called Henry House.  The Henry House fundraiser was quite a spectacle and I enjoyed warming up the crowd before the country singer Pat Green went on the stage.  I also worked a grand-opening for a new Mercedes-Benz dealership.  This month took me to the Belo Mansion, Jerry Jones Mansion, and the Crow Mansion where I entertained their V.I.P. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (seen to the right) who was among other enthusiastic guests.  Jerry Jones, who owns the Dallas Cowboys, loaned me his Superbowl ring to perform one of my pet routines with.  And the Crow family, who was very kind, gave me a copy of Clarence Thomas’ new best-selling book which he kindly signed.  This month found me doing a few school assemblies and working some great Halloween parties.  I attended a great lecture given by my comedy magician friend Tom Burgoon.  Also, as of this month, I’ve become a columnist for the new magic magazine called Street Magic Magazine.  With my job life never fails to remain interesting!