mythosThis month has been fun creatively.  First I kicked off the month with a lecture tour that took me through parts of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.  Each stop was fun while making money and new friends.  I was reminded once again why I like hanging around other magicians- because most of them are good at heart. 

I also visited Thrillvania Haunted Theme Park voted one of the best in the nation by the Travel Channel.  I performed for such clients as Ambucs, Best Buy, the Frisco Rough Riders and others.  I attended the new magic movie called The Prestige which was the #1 film the weekend it opened.  I sold the rights to my new trick SentiMental Postcards to Fun Inc.  And I’ve just released a new packet trick called MYTHOS that delves into the mysteries of mirrors. 

I’ve come up with some new gizmos that I am working the bugs out of right now.  And I’m crazy busy booking shows for the upcoming holiday season.  Life couldn’t be better right now.  If you’d like to see some clips of my magic that I’ve just uploaded to YOU TUBE then click here.  Happy Halloween!

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