holding-python I returned from my tour of the west coast in early October (read more about it in my September blog below).  Upon my return I was surprised to find in the mailbox a nice hand-written letter from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from my performance for him almost one year ago. 

My sister Jodi, my nephew Lane and I attended the Hangman’s House of Horrors which is adjacent to the wonderful Fort Worth Costume & Magic Etc. owned by Derek Kennedy.  It was great to get some hang time with my sister and my nephew.  If you want to see an amazing selection of costume rentals, make-up, theatrical supplies, and magic effects then you’ve got to see this gi-normous shop!

I also had a big book release party for BAMBOOZLERS at the house with catered food, an amazing guitarist/singer Jimmy Barcus, Daryl from Snake Encounters, plus about fifty or more attendees.  We all had a blast but I always regret not being able to spend more time with each of the party-goers.  As a host you have to spread yourself thin.


I’ve also performed lots of shows for clients this month like Dads in the Hood, Ferarri’s Restaurant in Grapevine, Carnival Cruise Lines, Combined Group, plus many other private parties.

I took out an ad for my new book in this month’s issue of MUM magazine which goes to all of the members of the Society of American Magicians.  Not only did they graciously put me on page one, but they also did a two-page spread on the book that features six of the routines from BAMBOOZLERS.  I’d like to thank John Moehring (the editor) for the nice surprise!!

I’m looking forward to the holidays and my busy schedule that lies ahead!