OCTOBER: I flew out on September 27th to do my lecture tour across Germany.

09-28-10 Arrived in Frankfurt, Germany and picked up my rental car.
09-29-10 Drove to Berlin and saw the sites (i.e. Berlin Wall).
09-30-10 Lectured in Berlin to a big crowd and hung out with my new friend Mirko and the gang afterwards.
10-01-10 Took in the Egyptian exhibit at the Neues Museum in Berlin and then drove onto Hamburg and lectured there that night.
10-02-10 Drove to Hanover and lectured there that afternoon.
10-03-10 Drove to Braunschweig and hung out with my super smart friend Michael Doermann.  Lectured in Wolfsburg that afternoon.
10-04-10 Made the long drive onto Munich.
10-05-10 Almost ran out of gas on the autobahn.  Eventually found a station and drove 110mph to make up for lost time since my tour tickets were for a scheduled time. Drove to Schwangau to tour the town and fairy tale Neuschwanstein Castle of King Ludwig II and the Hohenschwangau Castle he grew up in.  The castles were absolutely amazing!  As was the scenic drive there and back to Munich.  Had a nice goulosh soup and apple strudel for lunch in a quaint village restaurant.  Click here for a Google Earth view of the castle.
10-06-10 Toured Munich by bus and saw the Marienplatz (a nice shopping and eating area), the Rathaus-GlockenspielSt. Peter’s ChurchSchloss NymphenburgRoyal GardensOlympia ParkBMW headquarters and all of the other amazing architecture and statues.  Had a beer and brat in the town center.
10-07-10 Drove to Pullach im Isartal.  Stayed at the beautiful Hotel Seitner Hof.  Met the super nice and creative entrepreneur magician Harold Voit.  Lectured there that night.  I fell in love with this little town.
10-08-10 Drove onto Vienna, Austria and walked about the city that night.
10-09-10 Toured the beautiful Shonbrunn Palace and gardens.  The Schonbrunn palace, insured at 6.5 billion euros, was quite a site to behold.  Lectured in Vienna that night at a very cool club for Jimmy & Anita Bix.  Had my very first wiener schnitzel.
10-10-10 Planned to go to Prague in the Czech Republic but my rental car company wouldn’t allow me to take my car there, so I made the trek onto my last stop in Frankfurt.
10-11-10 Hung out with my new magician friend Stefan Sprenger and stayed at his place.  Lectured in Frankfurt that night.
10-12-10 Saw a little of Frankfurt and hung out with Stefan.
10-13-10 Flew back home to Dallas.


palace-schonbrunnlunch-schwanThis was quite a memorable tour!  Over 16 days I flew 10,000 miles and drove over 2200 miles across Germany and Austria. I lectured in 7 cities, 6 in Germany plus Vienna, Austria. Click here to see an interactive map that shows you the path I traveled. To date now I’ve performed/lectured in half the states in the US plus fifteen other countries.

The drives were often breath-taking and the autobahn was exhilarating. Imagine doing 100mph and having cars pass you like you are sitting still.  

Everyone was quite friendly and the food was good.  Each translator at my stops did a great job and I made a few friends along the way.

My tour organizer Michael Doermann was quite gracious having set upthe tour and treated me to lunch and dinner while in his company.  Mr. Doermann is a magic enthusiast, a professor, and had much success with creating Iphone apps.  He and I will we be working together soon on an app that I hope my fans and friends will appreciate.

Upon my return I had one day off, and then I castle-neuschhit the ground running, seeing how my calendar is full of shows.  Between Oct. 15th and the 30th I had nineteen gigs.  Some of my clients this month were Dads in the Hood, Gulfstream, Flight Safety Dallas, Medical Center of Plano, etc.

Today is Halloween, Oct. 31st and I am looking forward to helping my neighbor Brian put on his skull-face make-up, hanging out with my wife, sister Jodi and her boys- (my nephews Lane & Landen).  We plan on handing out candy to the little kids and scaring the bejeezus out of teen-age trick-or-treaters tonight.