2014-halloween-partyIt’s been a busy fun month.  I performed 21 shows this month plus had lots of fun meet ups with friends and family.  Gigs this time of year are always so much fun!  It’s great to see people in costume.  I work for many repeat clients who are loyal and constantly shower me with praise.  At one function I was asked if I was single by a beautiful young lady who is working on her PHD.  Although I am married I was very flattered.  I guess I’m magic and sexy!

DJT-PFM-DVDBeyond all of my gigs my free time has been spent with my best friend Tony redesigning all of my former DVDs and creating artwork for my upcoming releases.  Tony works a full time job, DJ’s weddings on the weekend, just had a baby, but somehow squeezes in time to help me with all of my projects.  He’s a super talented artist, a great friend and one of the best persons I know.  I just re-released my Pockets Full of Miracles DVD better known now as PFM.  The 23 routines featured on this disc are things I’ve used to pay my bills for 28 years now.  It’s stands to reason it is still my top seller.

trippisI enjoyed dining at Trulucks with my family to celebrate my mother’s birthday.  One night took us to Kotta, our favorite sushi restaurant.  While at Kotta we celebrated my sister Jodi’s birthday with her husband Bryce and our two friends Chris and Mindi.  My wife and I attended her good friend Doris’ 80th birthday.  Another night took us to a Korean BBQ place, a first for us, to celebrate with my friend Jared and his wife and their foreign exchange student Hailey to celebrate her 17th birthday. We attended a play called The Witches to see our friends daughter Mirabai, who did an excellent job. I attended the farewell party for one of my favorite agents who is retiring and moving to California.  I’m actually working one last party with this agent in November and will miss her fun spirit.  I went to my childhood friend Kevin Davis’ home to watch the Cowboys football game which they won.  It was fun to hang out with Kevin and the other guys which is something I rarely do.  And last but not least our best friends’ the Trippi’s had their daughter’s Hannah’s baptism where I entertained at the reception.  Kathy and I love the Trippis’ seen in the pic here where their daughter is dressed like Snow White for Halloween.


The month ended on a high note thanks to our friends the Gracy’s.  They own the magic shop in McKinney called Main St. Magic where I help out sometimes on Thursdays.  They kindly bought us and six others VIP passes to the Dark Hour haunted house in Plano.  limoThe costumes, decor and attention to detail on the house were phenomenal.  Unfortunately, if rating the scare factor 1-10, I’d only give it a 5.  Having said that, it didn’t matter because I loved hanging with my new-found friends.  It was a fun mix of characters who hung out that night.  To make it more special the Gracy’s rented a sweet Dodge Challenger limo which we all made sure was fully stocked.  It was a fun night and one for the memory books.