Work has been prosperous.  Between October and November I did 33 shows.  I helped celebrate my sister, mother’s, and step-mother’s birthdays.  I wrapped shooting my 9th DVD, technically it’s my 10th if you count my Penguin Magic lecture DVD; for you non-magicians… it is not a lecture about magic with penguins.

cardinalzenMore episodes of Scam School starring moi have aired (see one of them at the top of this post).  I’ve added a new puzzle to my product line called Cardinal Zen.  I’ve prepared 1000 inserts for my upcoming DVD.  I have two projects in the works with Vanishing Inc. that I am excited about.  I went to Cars & Coffee with my father, but unfortunately it was cold and rainy so cars showcased there were in poor attendance.  I gave a lesson to a new student.  I saw the new James Bond Spectre film. I attended the Dallas Margarita Ball with about 13,000 other people just for fun.

Two gigs that I will not forget happened on the same day.  Oct. 10th I made my way bright and early to the Texas State Fair at Fair Park with my friend Jared Guynes.  Traffic was a mess seeing how it was the big TX-OU football weekend.  I made my way to Big Tex and began doing some street magic.  A couple walked up and I did some magic that helped them to get engaged.  It seemed impromptu but it was all pre-planned of course.  I had my friend Jared film it and the priceless reactions are here:

dankostNeedless to say the girl Lauralee was in shock and awe;  so much so that she didn’t realize that while I was performing for her and her future husband that their family was secretly gathering all around them.  I was flattered to be a part of it all.

Then that evening I did a party for Dan Kost at his car shop.   It was disguised as a party for employees and friends but secretly Dan and I planned something special for his now fiance.  See a photo here of their reaction! I can count the times I’ve done engagements on one hand and did two of them on this day.  It was very fulfilling and I hope to do more work like this.

jennifer30thIronically one of the couples I helped get engaged hired me to work their parents 50th anniversary on Oct. 24th.  They too were a great crowd and appreciative audience.  Nov. 7th I was a surprise for a lady’s 30th birthday.  They didn’t want me to leave and just couldn’t get enough.  It’s nice to be appreciated for my hard work at my craft.  See a photo of the birthday girl and her boyfriend here.

I look forward to Thanksgiving with family and wrapping up some projects.  December is booking up to be busier than ever.  33% of 2016 is booked solid.  I have so much work that it looks like I will not get a break until March of 2016.  I’m a lucky guy to be doing so much of what I love. Plus I have great family, friends and fans.