clipperI’m busier than a shoe salesman on a centipede farm.  Another of my Scam School episodes aired in September.  See it above.  In September I did 8 private events, many for repeat clients but mainly stayed busy prepping for my West coast / Canadian tour. I flew to Sacramento on Wednesday Sept. 14th and lectured there that night.  From there I continued onto Seattle (where I missed my lecture…. that was a first for me).  I booked a flight out the wrong airport but then luckily got the last seat on the Clipper ferry.  Unfortunately, the ferry was over an hour late which made me extremely late.  Seattle had me eating humble pie and cost me plenty!  From there I went onto Victoria, BC where I vacationed for a couple of days before lecturing there.  I love Victoria and it’s breath-taking scenery!  I especially enjoyed hanging with Dave Atwood.  Dave’s an amazing magician, guy and now friend for life.

planeAfter BC I went on to Calgary, then Winnipeg, then Edmonton and then back to Mission, BC.  I hit many Canadian provinces and made several new friends.  Mike Norden’s man cave and home were amazing!  I continued my tour into the US stopping in Portland and Eugene, Oregon.  I was happy to return to Dave’s Killer Magic Shop for a standing room only crowd once again!  My last stop was in Boise, ID were I spent the day with the kind and talented Kipp Sherry before giving my lecture that night.  Idaho now makes the 46th state that I have performed in.  I hope to knock out the last four in 2017.  Over the fourteen day period I was on 15 planes.

djt-hymanIt was nice to meet the famous Ray Hyman in Eugene, Oregon.  He and I shared the famous mutual friend Martin Gardner. Ray was lucky to know him much longer than I.  Mr. Hyman is full of vim and vigor for a man his age and I hope I am the same one day.

It’s now approaching the middle of October and I realized that I needed to update my blog now or it might not get done until the end of the year.  In October I currently have 17 private events but I have mainly been booking airfare, a car, train tickets and such for my upcoming tour of Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.  I’ve got 10 stops on this tour that will take 3 weeks to complete.  I’m looking forward to returning to Europe.  On this trip I will knock out two new countries I have yet to visit.  I had no idea when choosing this profession that I’d be a globe-trotter.