nyskylineThis is a month that I and the rest of the world will never forget.  I sat and watched the TV in disbelief as the events unfolded on Sept. 11th, 2001.  As I drove to my gig that evening I pondered how I might go about performing.  How could I crack jokes at a time like this?  How could I perform for those who had just witnessed the same horrors?  Luckily, to my surprise, I found performing my magic for others very therapeutic.  The audience that evening, and every evening since, has appreciated my “gift of magic” with much more enthusiasm than I can remember.  We must all perform our jobs better than before and not let the terrorists succeed with their psychological warfare.  To the left is a picture from my last trip to New York.  The World Trade Center will always be a fond memory for me.  Although we should all move on, we should also never forget the attack on Sept. 11th.  To make a donation to the American Red Cross click here.

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