waynedobsonThis month I attended the Texas Association of Magicians convention in Houston.  This is the first convention in a long while that I’ve attended just for the fun of it.  The convention was awesome.  There were about 30 dealers from around the world.  The talent was phenomenal.  I attended several lectures, shows and contests.  If you ever get the chance to see Charlie Frye perform, then make a point to do so.  Charlie has got to be one of the best magician/jugglers on Earth. 

My biggest source of inspiration was Wayne Dobson.  Mr. Dobson made a name for himself in the early 80’s in the field of comedy close-up magic.  Many years ago Wayne developed MS and is now wheelchair bound.  During the Saturday night show, in his wheelchair, next to his two seated volunteers, doing a 15 minute card trick, Mr. Dobson had the whole theatre rolling on the floor with laughter and received a much deserved standing ovation.  Mr. Dobson stands tall in my mind as simply one of the best!

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