jim-n-gardner2What a month!  Labor Day weekend started off with the Texas Assoc. of Magicians convention here in Addison.  Many of the world’s best magician’s performed and attended.  It’s always nice to attend these conventions and get my batteries re-charged.  I always walk away from these events having learned new things and making new friends.

I also performed many shows this month for such companies as Pizza Hut Corp., Harley-Davidson, and Great Lakes Carbon, etc.   My journies this month also took my wife and I to Fort Worth where we attended the Hatshepsut exhibit at the Kimble Art Museum.  The Egyptian exhibit there was very well done as were the rest of their exhibits.

However, the highlight for me this month was meeting Martin Gardner.  Mr. Gardner is now around 90 and still going strong.  A friend and I made a trek to Oklahoma to hang out with this living legend.  Mr. Gardner has written over 50 books, most of which revolve around mathematics or magic.  Upon our visit he had just completed one book and was in the process of publishing another.  We had what magicians call a “jam session” where we would show one another tricks.  Mr. Gardner is still sharp as a tack and had a few things to show us that we’d never seen.  I look forward to visiting with him again.

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