garciagangI kicked off this month by attending the TAOM convention in Austin.  My good friend Chris Smith, CEO of MagicSmith, flew in to Dallas early so we could visit and drive down to Austin together.  Chris puts out some of the coolest products in magic today.  Check out his website at

We arrived in Austin Sept. 2nd and attended the Esther’s Follies show there on Sixth Street.  The show was incredible as always.  If you are ever in Austin, then you must see it.  Ray Anderson, the magician there, always steals the show.

The next day the convention began and so did my schedule of about 4-5 hours of sleep each night.  It was worth it because I enjoyed the shows and hanging with friends.  The talent was phenomenal including the likes of Max Maven, Jeff McBride, Chad Long, Whit Haydn, Eric DeCamps, Jason England, Michael Weber, Mark Mason, Arturo, John Lovick, Bill Malone, Danny Garcia & the gang, etc.  Plus my friend Fumio from Japan won the competition.

Austin was a great town to host the TAOM.  The city has such a pulse and night-life.  Walking down sixth street at night was one of the highlights just for the people watching.  Plus one could eat at any of the road-side food stands up until 2am.  I love the feel and vibe there.  Keep Austin weird!

I’ve performed many shows this month.  Some took me to places like the Crescent Hotel in Dallas and Southfork Ranch.  Recently I shot a commercial for a pawn shop based in Georgia.  The director wanted a magician dressed in the cliche attire sporting a tuxedo and white gloves.  I swallowed my pride and gave in but I also told him that putting gloves on a sleight of hand magician was like putting flip-flops on a track runner.  Luckily, the magic will be mostly done with green screen and camera edits.  I look forward to seeing the footage.

Now I am gearing up for my lecture tour across Germany.  After this tour I will have performed in 15 countries.  Two years ago I had never been to Europe.  Check out my route by clicking here.  I’ll tell you all about it upon my return!