Whoa!  I’ve maintained this blog for a little over 20 years now.

One fun weekend this month I did strolling magic for hundreds of folks in Forreston, TX after their dove hunt.  I’ve had many of my pinball and arcade games refurbished.  My collection continues to grow.  However, I think I’m done.  I’m out of space for more games.  People love my game house and I enjoy entertaining.

I attended the Nathan Coe Marsh lecture.  I had jury duty.  I performed at the Peacock Theater once again.  I did a show on Lake Lewisville for Ericsson.  Plus I drove to Austin again to film more episodes for what’s now called Scam Nation. While in Austin I attended the Austin Magic Auction that Saturday. That night I had a wonderful dinner out and took in the play Dracula, which was very well done.

Believe it or not, I do work.  I did have several shows in between my whimsical outings.  I still play poker on a regular basis and usually do well.  I’ve mainly been booking lots of shows for the last quarter of the year.  Also, I’m prepping things for the Bamboozlers books for their 3rd printing.  I’ve bought the rights to a metal spinning top.  I’m slowly compiling Bamboozlers Vol. Four.  I’m working on a Bamboozlers deck of cards.  Plus, I did my second book deal with Dover books and it looks like there will be a third.  I always have plenty of projects to keep me busy when I’m not actually performing or prepping for shows.