September 1st I kicked off the day by training with my amazing trainer Brandi.  I’ve met with her 3 times a week for over a year now and I’m really seeing a difference.  Plus I have more energy and I am much stronger.  Her and her husband Deacon are two great positive influences in my life and I’m lucky to know them.  That night I played in a poker tournament.  I play regularly with a great group of friends that are all excellent poker players.  I learn from all of them often.

Another Scam Nation video released making it my 62nd episode.  Plus I have about 15 remixes with the super gracious, funny and talented Brian Brushwood.  Brian is one of the smartest guys I know.  Treat yourself to his highly entertaining and informative The World’s Greatest Con series by clicking here.

In September I pressed on doing 20 shows.  I returned to the House of Spirits in Dallas where I only did a few shows compared to the dozens that I did for them last year.  I had to turn down this fun gig only because I had so many others.  Business is great.  I returned to XOXO and finished up a series of gigs for a chain of retirement homes all across Texas.  To give you an example of my rigorous schedule on the 22nd I did two shows in Longview, TX.  On the 23rd the House of Spirits.  The 24th a party for my mother.  The 25th Drakes, my regular restaurant gig on Sundays from 6:30-8:30pm. On the 26th packed for a BIG 5 WEEK TRIP and played in a poker tournament.  On the 27th I had two shows in Beaumont.  On the 28th I had two shows in Houston.  And on the 29th I flew to Maui to begin my adventure there!

I landed in Hawaii on Sept. 29th.  My father and stepmother arrived the same day.  We were put up in a very luxurious suite at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea.  The resort and the scenery are breathtakingly beautiful.  I was hired to be there to perform in a small intimate theater to do 2 shows a night 6 days a week.  The opportunity was too good to say no to.  My father and step-mom stayed one week.  My girlfriend Drew took her longest vacation ever and stayed with me for 2 weeks.  Upon her departure my mother, stepdad, sister and nephew all joined me for my 4th week there.  Getting to share all of this with my loved ones was by far the highlight for me.  Everyone agreed it was expensive there in Maui but also that it was some of the best $ ever spent.  None of them had ever been to Hawaii before. We will all have those memories together in Hawaii to treasure forever.  That to me is… priceless.

I did two shows every day at 5pm and 7:30 that ran one hour each.  My only days off were Wednesdays.  All in all I did about 60 shows.  We all ate well.  Almost every night my toes were in the sand or I was in the North Pacific Ocean.  I got rave reviews from the patrons, the hotel, the locals, and even the booker gave me a bonus.  I have a feeling they’ll have me back.

My mind is flooded with memories from Maui.  I snorkeled for the first time with Drew.  I loved it.  I found one reef that I frequented where I was always able to swim with the same sea turtle.  The sunsets and sunrises are amazing!  Being able to lay on the beach and look up and see the stars so clearly is vivid in my brain.  Drew and I rented a Jeep and drove the road to Hana.  There are over 600 curvy turns along that journey with perilous drop-offs but amazing land and seascape views.  On that trip we hiked, took in a botanical garden and snorkeled on an amazing beach and ate well.  Being able to do that with Drew was dreamlike.  I adore her and she adores me and she’s always calm, cool and collected.  She gives me inner peace every day and to say that I love her is an understatement.

My family and I also visited La Haina which was once the capital of Maui.  There is one main strip there with tons of shops, restaurants, vintage buildings, an amazing Banyon Tree, and lots of art galleries.  I did purchase a little bit of art while in Maui to remind me of my time there.

I also had many friends come and see my show at the Fairmont and I made lots of new friends too.  My last week I was alone there but it gave me lots of time to rest and reflect.  I’m a very lucky man to have so many wonderful friends, a loving and supportive family and a girlfriend who looks at me the way I look at her.  I flew home November 10th and have hit the ground running since then.  More later.