From the December 2015 issue of LINKING RING:


Diamond Jim has channeled the spirit of the legendary occult detective Carnacki in this excellent whodunit plot with a “Jack the Ripper” noir feel. Squeezer is a tale of murder and deceit with two clues: a dead body and the murderer’s calling card, which is a Squeezer-back playing card. It’s up to the sleuth from the audience to unravel the clues based on their latent psychic powers. In the end, the spectator correctly divines the age, hometown, the victim’s initials, and even the name of the killer’s signature playing card. But beware, because “The Squeezer” remains at large.

Watching this DVD is as much fun as performing the effect. From the opening credits to music, to the black and white scratchy film look, the DVD has a fun 1950’s “Saturday afternoon at the movies / Murder in the Rue Morgue” feel. Squeezer is great fun and easy to do, and you can get as dark and moody as you like. There are a couple of things that you will need to add, such as a wine glass and a few other little things, but nothing likely you don’t already own. This would be awesome in a parlor setting with the lights down low and thunder in the background! By the way, ask yourself how it is that the magician knows so much about the victim and killer…? (Cue the diabolical laughter track here.)

Highly recommended.