Spider Pro Pack

I don’t normally sell other people’s tricks on my site but this is simply too good.  I’ve amazed over 5000 people with this effect.  Imagine taking a picture of someone’s outstretched hand with your smart phone.  Your phone is placed onto their open hand and a spider is seen to run along their palm shown on the screen.  This alone freaks out many!  You have the option to reach into the phone and tickle the spider.  Plus, many will swear they feel the spider crawling on them.  The spider then vanishes and reappears on them!  Watch the video below to see the reactions. You also have the option to do the effect with a cockroach.  You’ll not find a better app or magic effect to make people scream and laugh.

You’ll need to download the app for your (iPhone or Android) for around $3.00.  I am selling the Pro Pack which one needs for this scary effect.  The pack includes 3 spiders, 3 cockroaches, 20 sticky dots and a plastic box which actually makes a nice carrying case. I tried looking for the right pieces and parts after buying the app and discovered the Pro Pack is the best way to go.