Ominous Deck

Two different people pick cards and they are mixed into a regular poker-sized deck.  The deck is given to someone to hold between their hands.  The magician reaches into the deck that’s between their palms and miraculously retrieves both selections.  He then states that he will take the whole deck from them without anyone knowing.  The spectator clamps down tight on the deck to prevent this.  The magician shows that he has the deck by producing one from his pocket.  The audience is in disbelief.  The magician then says, “What if I told you that you didn’t have any cardsWhat if I told you it was a creature, something poisonous that most people are afraid of?”  This piques their interest.  When they open their hands to find a clear block with a spider inside everyone freaks out!!  This gets HUGE reactions. 

The spider inside is real; inanimate but real.  This gives most people the heebie-jeebies.

This is one of the BEST ideas EVER in SHOCK magic!!” –Jeff McBride

Read DJT’s suggested routine here and his bonus ending that takes it over the top.  You’ll want to own Palmer Magic’s Omni Deck to do the kicker ending!

This does not include cards.  Any poker sized deck can be used.  The scorpion version is permanently out of stock.  I only offer the spider version now. I’d recommend purchasing the package deal that includes the Omni Deck so you can vary your presentations, do the kicker ending and take advantage of the special deal to save money.

If you really want to take your spectator’s over the edge, then you might add the Spider Kit to your order when buying the spider version of the Ominous Deck.



If you’d like to do a routine similar to Spidey’s below, then you’ll need your own blank-faced cards to write messages on.