CARDMAGICUSA-FULLThis month has gone by so fast!  I performed many shows for several clients like Carter Blood Care, Genesis Church, plus many private parties.  I have also been preparing for a DVD shoot that will happen in May.  I traded in my BMW Z4 Roadster for the new 2011 Camaro, and  no I am not suffering from a mid-life crisis.  I am enjoying every minute of it.

My written magic is appearing all over the world this month.  Many of my routines are running in magic club newsletters across Scandinavia. I have a regular column in the Belgian magic magazine Escamoteur.  My DVD DiaMonte got a great review in this month’s MUM magazine.  The ebook Card Magic USA was published in a soft-back form this month which features a couple of my routines; and the French magic magazine Arcane features me on the cover this month plus many of my routines within.  Plus my buddy Brian Brushwood has been featuring some of my routines and ideas regularly on his webisodes called Scam School.

Arcane-April-2011coverI cherish the time I spent with my friend Woody Woodall who came by to visit.  My wife and I had a wonderful Easter Sunday which we celebrated with my cousins Renie & Jerry and their daughter Amanda. Plus I celebrated another birthday this month.  Everyone that’s close to me has taken me somewhere to eat.  There is definitely more of me to love after the past couple of weeks.  I actually worked the night of my birthday performing at a gig and I couldn’t have been happier to do it.  The nice thing about my job is that I can work when I want to.  I’m very lucky to do something that I love so much.  Getting paid for it is a bonus.

Plus an old friend of mine named Doc Eason stopped by for a visit while he was in town.  Doc is a famous bar magician based in Aspen, Colorado.  He’s not only a great magician, but a wonderful man, and an excellent story-teller.  Doc performs a trick, that I do as well, called the Card on Ceiling.  However, he puts the signed card in the deck, wraps a hundred dollar bill around it, holds a thumbtack in the other hand and hurls it all through the blades of a moving ceiling fan.  Lo and behold the thumbtack penetrates their card and the $100 bill and all stick to the ceiling.  He has a wonderful story about an accident that happened performing that very trick.  Ask he or I about it sometime so you can hear this hilarious story.