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Strolling or Close-up Magic

DJT’s strolling close-up magic and mind-reading are a playful assault on the senses. His magic is fun and focuses on the spectators. 

Jim makes sure the magic happens in the audinence’s very own hands done with items he has borrowed like a dollar bill, a coin, a ring or their cell phone. Or it happens in their minds when he reveals personal details about them.

Whether it’s for 30 people or a crowd of 300, DJT’s strolling works great at most events.  DJT approaches each group and gives them their own private show.  Most have never seen great close-up magic only inches away.  DJT’s mission is to leave them gob-smacked and wanting more.

Stand-up or Stage Magic

For small gatherings, a stand-up show brings the group together as a whole.  Your people get to witness their loved-ones or colleagues astonished faces and feel the sense of wonderment as the magic unfolds.

For large gatherings, DJT will need you to provide a riser or stage and a hands-free mic and the capability to incorporate some music.  DJT’s stage show uses effects that are interactive and play big but still feel intimate.

DJT’s show is corporate or family friendly and doesn’t use big boxes.  Besides the props aren’t magic, he is!  DJT is a seasoned performer who’s been in the business since 1986. He typically tailors each stage show for the audience attending.

"DJT's magic makes you rethink your reality. It's like Bibbiti-Bobbidi-Booyah in your face!"

- Jared Guynes (Epic Events)

Lectures & Keynotes

DJT has lectured all over the world and in many prestigious locations like The Magic Castle and the Magic Circle in London where then Prince Charles, now King was in attendance.

Jim can customize a lecture for beginners, amateurs or professionals who want to learn the art of magic.

DJT has inspired and entertained many with the tale of his upbringing in magic, beating cancer, conquering his fears with whimsical stories while functioning as a speaker or emcee.


Private Lessons

DJT has written several books, created effects and produced many instructional videos that have helped to teach this generation of magicians.  He’s the most frequent guest star magician on the show Scam Nation watched by millions.

If you are serious about learning the art of magic, visit his online shop and/or reach out to him. He will respond personally as soon as he can.

Diamond Jim Tyler

Feel free to call DJT or fill out this form if you have any questions about how his magic can be of service.