I began August by doing some private parties and preparing for a small lecture tour.  A super great guy, and now friend,  named Mark Jarvis helped me set up this mini tour.  I flew into Ohio and then drove onto Youngstown to give my first lecture in this state.   From there I went onto Grand Rapids, MI and then back to OH to perform in Cleveland, then back to MI to perform in Detroit and then back to OH to perform in Cincinnati at Haine’s House of Cards.  I had a blast on this tour.

While in Detroit I stopped at Hitsville U.S.A. to tour the home of Motown, which was a awesome standing on the same floors as the Temptations, the Supremes, the Jackson Five, etc..  I also made a special jaunt to Erlanger, KY where I received a special guided tour of the United States Playing Card Co.’s facility.  They don’t normally give tours, and when they do you have to sign a confidentiality agreement.  They are big on secrecy and security because they manufacture playing cards for most of the casinos around the world.  They made an exception in my case since I ordered around 10,000 decks of cards from them this year!


Once back home I had dinner with many good friends over various nights.  However, I also attended the funeral of my great aunt Jo.  She was a sweet-hearted lady and had the best laugh.  I loved the way she said my name.  She would smile as she said, “Jiiimmmm.” but without saying the words “You must be joking.”- it was somehow implied.  I’ll miss her.

I performed for many great clients in August.  Some not so rich, and some who are uber rich.  At one show I rubbed the belly of a million dollar Buddha statue in my client’s private residence.  Another night some friend’s and I attended a Murder Mystery Dinner and for some reason I was called out as a prime suspect.

Labor Day weekend I attended the Texas Assoc. of Magicians convention in Houston put on by my friend Danny Garcia and his gang. I shared a room with my creative friend Chris Smith from Las Vegas.  The talent at the TAOM was phenomenal.  I can’t wait for next year’s convention in Dallas.

I began shipping out my new product called HYDRO which allows someone to borrow and full bottle, turn it upside down, and suspend the liquid.The next weekend I flew to Colorado to perform and lecture at the Magic in the Rockies convention.  It was asmaller convention but I think I enjoyed it even more so.  There was much more hang time which I loved spending with Geoff Williams, Garrett Thomas, Doc Eason, Dirk Losander, Hannibal, Eric Mead, Armando Lucero, Dan Fleshman, Kozmo, Karl Hein, etc.  My lecture there is one I’ll never forget because there was a lot of back and forth “one-liners and comebacks” with the audience which made it a highlight for me and for many of the attendees who attested to that afterwards.


I performed a few more private gigs here and there and then picked up my cousins Russell and Paula (seen right) from the airport that flew in from England.  They stayed with us for about two weeks.  We did just about as much as we could do in the time that we had together. 

We went to Austin where we ate at Franks and The Oasis with our other cousins Rodger and Alex, visited the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum, and attended the show Esther’s Follies and enjoyed the sites on 6th street where there was a gay pride parade. Another day we were in San Antonio where we saw the Alamo and enjoyed the shops and food along the river-walk.


Once home we visited a few malls, had a cookout, frequented Goody Goody a few times, took in the JFK museum, visited Southfork Ranch, watched some movies, and dined at many restaurants.  Now that they’re gone I need to lose a few pounds.

Now I’m preparing for a tour across the US where I’ll perform/lecture in New Mexico, Arizona, Las Vegas, California and play the Magic Castle in Hollywood for a week.  Life is good!