2016 started off on the right foot again by performing for the teenagers at Phoenix House on Jan. 1st.  These kids are going through tough times and it was fun to know I was bringing them some wonder, if only for a little while.  Jan. 3rd I flew to LA and attended the Magic Castle shows that evening.  On the 4th my work week there began doing three shows a night in the Parlour of Prestidigitation.  This was my ninth time working the Castle.  Once again I was working with the best of the best.

irene-djt-2016It was a fun work week and I enjoyed meeting British magician Pete Firman.  Pete witnessed me dueling with drunks during one of my performances and it was a hoot!  These sort of  occurrences make me a better magician.  Irene Larsen, wife of the former Bill Larsen (who founded the Castle with his brother Milt) had wonderful things to say about my show and my humor.  High praise from Mrs. Larsen (seen on the right), who’s seen thousands of magicians, meant the world to me.  The highlight was hanging out with friends that week.

texas-motor-cars-2016Once home Jan. 12th I had one day of rest before doing five shows that week. Over the next two weeks I had several shows.  I did a stand-up show in the home of a billionaire for several teenagers and their parents on Jan. 30th. On Jan. 31st I had an awesome gig at Texas Motorcars in Addison, Tx.  See a candid shot from the Texas Motor Cars (on the left).  See me performing a fun routine Sunday Jan. 31st by (clicking here). People pay me to have fun!!

The big news this month was the release of my 10th instructional magic DVD titled Telekinetic.  It’s based on an effect I dreamed up as a teenager but with lots of nuances and modifications.  It’s definitely one of the more visual pieces of magic that I do.  See the trailer at the top of this post.  2016 marks 40 years practicing magic and 30 years performing it professionally.  To celebrate I’ve released my 10 DVD Box Set that features over 50 effects.  It’s probably the best deal on my website for those who are not familiar with my magic.