maze-smallThis month I have been adjusting to life without a magic shop.  A weight has been lifted!  I’m so happy to return to creating and performing full time.  My brain has been going non-stop with ideas for new tricks to market and many selfishly that I’d like to keep for myself.  Stay tuned!

This month I attended the wonderful lecture of Trevor Duffy from South Africa.  Trevor is bursting with creative ideas and I was glad to visit with him.  I’ll be using one of his secret weapons real soon in my act to make objects vanish in a puff of smoke!

Luckily I’ve stayed busy with shows like the ones for Corsicana Freedom Festival, the grand opening of the Grand Prairie Recreation Center, and other top clients as Kaye/Bassman and Price, Waterhouse & Coopers, etc..

When you get the chance go and see the new Ed Norton movie entitled the The Illusionist.  I attended the premiere with many of my magic buddies and enjoyed it.  The thriller dragged a little in the middle but the ending more than made up for it.  It was nice to see the art of magic getting some due praise from Hollywood.

See an amazing video sent to me from my fan club below.

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