Bamboozlers 2

These are not merely left-overs. Much of the material between these covers is used in my professional repertoire. It’s yet another bombastic bible of bar bets and bits of business that I’ve collected over the years through my travels.  There’s lots of spins on classics and several new items that I’ve never found in print elsewhere.

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BAMBOOZLERS:  The Book of Bankable Bar Betchas, Brain Bogglers, Belly Busters & Bewitchery- Volume Two: 

Exmullicapect the same classy pocket-sized book with a reddish brown faux leather-binding, silver gilt edges, a red ribbon marker, etc.  There are 75 more effects full of one-liners, with 136 pages and over 100 illustrations.  Some are classics and some are seeing print for the first time.  The foreword of the book was written by magic funny man Tom Mullica. Those who have read it say that it is even better than the first volume.


Recently, I became reacquainted with Diamond Jim Tyler through correspondence.  He had much success with Bamboozlers: Volume One, with a foreword by Martin Gardner, but I had yet to see it.  Martin compiled one of my favorite books of all time, The Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic.  I’ve read that book more than any other book in my library.

When Jim asked me to write this foreword I said I wanted to see the books before committing myself.  Upon receipt of his books I was pleasantly surprised by their unique size and first class quality.  As I read through both volumes I was further impressed.  Each of the books is full of wonderful tidbits which is reminiscent of Gardner’s book.

When I first became interested in magic at the age of seven, I was living on a farm in Wisconsin and had very little money for my new hobby.  I couldn’t afford to buy magic books, equipment or show supplies, so I made my own props and read every magic book in the public library (more than once).  I loved books that taught me easy-to-do tricks and Bamboozlers can do that for YOU.

Thank you, Diamond Jim, for bringing these little gems to those of us who want spend our time on presentation rather than knuckle-busting sleight of hand.  –Tom Mullica