Collateral DVD or Download

COLLATERAL DVD (w/ bonus RING & STRING ROUTINE): Diamond Jim Tyler teaches his award-winning borrowed Ring & String routine, step by step, with some thought-provoking nuances. The audience witnesses a spectator’s ring penetrate and vanish from a leather lace time and again.  One of the things that has made this a worker for DJT is that it uses just a leather lace, a borrowed ring and small coin envelope.  The pocket space it takes to perform this effect is minimal.

This has been a feature of DJT’s act since 1986 and used in thousands of performances and hundreds of lectures all over the world. This is a visually stunning routine that transcends the language barrier.

If you opt to buy the DVD, then you will receive two leather laces, and two manila coin envelopes which are the perfect size for performing the Collateral ending.

If you choose to purchase the cheaper download only, then you will need to shop and find the leather lace and envelope needed.

When performing either DJT’s Ring & String routine or the Collateral ending it’s best to use your own ring and a borrowed ring. No special rings are required.




Dan Fleshman and Gregory Wilson, who are experts on the subject, say it is one of the best routines they have ever seen. Unlike most ring and string routines that become predictable this one ends strong with an effect that DJT likes to call COLLATERAL.

The magician removes his ring and asks to borrow a spectator’s ring. The magician places his own personal ring into a small coin envelope and asks the ring-less spectator to place it into their pocket as collateral. After performing DJT’s Ring & String routine or any borrowed ring effect- their ring is made to vanish! The spectator hands over the envelope only to discover that their own ring is inside! The DVD includes two leather laces and the other necessary props.