Sweet & Birthday Card DVD or Download

DJT’s effect SWEET is one where an initialed coin or borrowed ring vanishes and reappears inside of a sealed sweetener packet that has been in view the whole time.  This effect leaves them speechless, or in some cases, causes the onlookers to develop tourette’s syndrome right on the spot!

When you buy the DVD DJT will send you the two “special” pieces of apparatus needed for both routines.  If you opt to buy the download, then DJT informs you where you can acquire these items.




As a bonus DJT teaches another reputation maker called the BIRTHDAY CARD.  The birthday person selects a card and signs it.  The magician has trouble finding it, so to divert their attention he presents them with a sealed greeting card envelope.  He claims that inside is a birthday card.  Instead they find a playing card with a different colored back with a personal birthday message.  To their surprise it is their signed card.  The DVD was shot before a live audience and includes the necessary gimmicks.

Diamond, I can’t impress upon you how thrilling it is to perform “SWEET”. It packs small and plays HUGE! And with the kicker of taking up zero pocket space… man… it leaves other object-to-impossible-location plots in the dust. So glad I picked this up! It’s sickeningly sweet!” -Ben Jackson

One of the things I really like about Diamond Jim Tyler’s effects are that they are from a real world worker. Here’s a guy who is one of the busiest close-up performers around, and these two effects are two of his signature pieces. I saw him perform SWEET live and it really is a super strong routine. The bonus is the birthday card routine – which alone is fantastic. If you are a working performer or find yourself performing in restaurants, bars, walk-around venues then both of these routines should be in your repertoire. Highly commercial and extremely strong magic!!”- Paul Romhany