Fireball Download

The magician shows a large piece of white tissue paper.  The paper is torn into pieces and balled-up and stuck on the end of a skewer.  The torn pieces are set aflame.  There is a large flash of light and once the fire extinguishes itself there is a visible wad of paper on the end of the skewer.  The paper is a little scorched but is miraculously shown to be healed backed to one piece again!  This is a great visual effect that can be done with patter, silently or to music in a parlor or stand-up show environment.  This stunner will definitely make everyone sit upright in their chairs!

This is the download only.  It does not include the tissue, flash paper, skewer or lighter.  All of these things can be found easily online.  You are obviously paying for my method and handling tips.

You can buy this little miracle for less than $5.00.  This is an excerpt from DJT’s instructional video from 2000 titled PFM or Pockets Full of Miracles.