The Gunslinger Download

The magician draws a stick figure gunslinger on the back of a playing card and asks the spectator to sign the face of the card.  The card is stood upright several feet away from the magician on a tabletop.  The magician has a showdown with the cowboy and draws for an invisible gun and fires!  The card-cowboy is seen to magically topple over dead.  When the card is examined by the spectator a bullet hole is found newly formed in the card.  This makes for a nice souvenir.

For this trick you’ll need a regular deck of cards, a Sharpie marker and a hole-puncher.

This is the download tutorial only.  You’ll need to provide your own props.  You are paying for my method and handling tips.

You can buy this little miracle for less than $5.00.  This is an excerpt from DJT’s instructional video titled PFM or Pockets Full of Miracles.