Magic You Can Do

If you are just beginning in magic and want a good place to start, then this is it. Learn the old secrets of real magicians that have been past down from generation to generation.



In this booklet Diamond Jim Tyler teaches you over forty little miracles with ordinary items that you can find around the house. You’ll learn such tricks as The Vanishing Key, Salt Shaker Through the Table, Pachyderm Prediction, Copper and Silver, Pencil Vanish, Bouncing and Floating Dinner Roll, Mr. Lifto, Psychokinetic Paper, Super Straw, Torn and Restored Napkin, Instant Ice, Magic Word Box, Farmyard Prediction, Stretching String, Suspended Shaker, Colorful Mind Reading, Lost and Found, Tearful George, Unpoppable Balloon, Magnetic Bones, Here and There, Color Deception, Alka-coin, Color Changing Balloon, Pincushion Thumb, Die Divination, Crystal Ball, Grape Head, Table Lifting, Linking Paperclips and much more!